A Guide on How to Plan Your Holiday Safari Tour

A safari is a great way to enjoy your holiday. Most people have a difficult time planning their safari because they don't know where to start. Read the excerpt below to learn the various you should make when planning a safari. 


Various factors will determine your destination. These include:

  • Costs. If you are on a budget, you could opt to travel within the country. With adequate funds, you could go for an overseas safari.
  • Visas. For foreign travel, check the visa requirements of the country you intend to visit.
  • Activities. Would you want to go on a game drive, hiking or hunting? Some destinations will provide a wide range of activities to enhance the experience of tourists.
  • Security. When travelling overseas, you may want to conduct some research to determine if you will be exposed to security threats. Besides, you would be concerned about contagious diseases such as the coronavirus.


There is a wide range of accommodation options for people going on a safari. For example, you could opt to spend the night in your RV. For international travel, you can stay at a hotel, lodge, holiday apartment, campsite or home rentals. 

Conduct some research to determine the experience of other people who have used the accommodation service. Travel blogs, social media and business reviews can be vital sources of such information. Early bookings will help you take advantage of low season discounts. Look out for extra services, such as airport transfers and local tours.

Travel Pack

The destination will determine your travel supplies. Your clothing must be safari appropriate. For instance, boots are ideal if you intend to hike during the expedition. Besides, you may need insect repellent, binoculars, a small first aid kit and your camera. If you intend to spend a few days camping in the bush, carry a portable power bank and flashlight.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you from financial losses or legal liability caused by accidents or unpredictable incidents as you travel. Below are a few tips to help you choose an appropriate travel insurance cover. 

  • Check for speed. Work with a reputable insurance company that compensates in the shortest time possible.
  • Check the covered countries. The company may provide coverage in most, but not all countries on a continent.
  • Inquire about exclusions. Some policies may have an age limit, while others may not cover certain health conditions.
  • Compare prices. The policy should be reasonably priced. Avoid companies that ask for too much excess.

These are the first basic steps of planning a safari. Contact services like Travel Discover Kenya to learn more.